English invitation

Action Camp 2015
Chop up status quo. Link up. Self-determine jointly.

To all friends,
who do not want to continue preserving the status quo. As collectives, initiatives and activists we are swimming against the tide. We are scattered, diverse, linked. Are we in the same situation? Could we learn from each other and act jointly?

These are questions for the 10 days of anticapitalist camping in Sehlis next to the community based agriculture – cooperative “Rote Beete” near Leipzig from 10 to 20 July.

We want to celebrate what we achieved so far, get to know each other better, discuss pitfalls and dead ends and look beyond political contexts, where we complement each other and may support each other or join.

Knowledge, experience and practice are exchanged and distributed in open and diverse workshops, academies and discussion rounds.

In a cross-linking process, we are looking for a common language for different perspectives. This happens in Open Space and in a moderated process. We shall enquire into the circumstances which are holding us back and disconnect or reconnect our organizing process.

On our collective action day and throughout the camp we will send a clear message against the increase in road construction in Sehlis: B87n – stay away from the fields!

At the same time there is room and infrastructure for internal meetings of your groups.

The camp is self-organized and a continuous learning process!
Write us if you want to participate in the organisation or hold workshops and topics. The program is diverse and open.